Managed CDN

CDN with dedicated cache space built only for you. Optimized to best suit your use-case using custom hardware, unique configuration or exclusive PoP locations.

Multilayer caching

Keep your data in the cache on multiple layers of CDN servers. This allows to achieve a very high HIT rate, decrease egress costs and lower latency even with large long-tail scenarios.

Traffic & bandwidth overview

Your Control Panel provides you with data about your total traffic consumption and reached bandwidth level within a selected time frame. 

Get a Free SSL Certificate

Make your site HTTPS ready with our InstantSSL provided by Let's Encrypt or install your own SNI certificate. Quickly, easily, for free.
We provide you with an SSL Certificate using Let’s Encrypt authority for every CDN URL or CNAME added to your CDN Resource ( We take care of both certificate configuration and renewal.
All HTTPS connections are powered up by the latest web performance and security features such as TLS 1.3 with 0-RTT or optimized HTTP/2.

CDN Logs

Get a bigger picture of your CDN files with Logs.

Purge & Prefetch

Prefetch (sometimes called push) helps you upload your content to our edge servers prior to its distribution. This comes in handy especially if you deliver large files and need to update immediately your cached files so that your users can reach it straight after publishing.
The purge function deletes selected files from the edge servers. Purging is useful when you update your content or delete it from your Origin and need to get rid of the cached content at once.
  • Prefetch your files to the entire network with one click
  • Clear your cache within a second with Instant Purge

Friday, April 16, 2021

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