How do I log in to webmail?

In order to use webmail, your domain name must be linked to a hosting package at QuantumHost.

As soon as your domain name is linked to a hosting package at QuantumHost you will need to create some DNS records on your DNS Zone. This is needed to make sure your website points to the correct address and to give other mailservers the possibity to find your mailserver.

  • an A record that will point your domain to your web server or web hosting package.
  • an MX record that points to your domain
  • and another TXT record for Sender Policy Framework which defines the mail servers that are allowed to send mail for your domain

This configuration is done within your Domain Management section on QuantumHost

Applicable on Web Hosting - Basic Email Accounts:

Secure connection (SSL) -

Applicable Email Hosting - Professional Email:

  • Open your Email Hosting service from the client area.
  • Click open Webmail

In order to use the secure connection, you must first install an SSL Certificate on the webserver.
You can do this by installing your own certificate or very simply by clicking on the "LetsEncrypt" button as described here.

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