A record (Address Record)

An A (Address) record is used to point a domain or subdomain to an IP address. An A (Address) record is one of the most fundamental types of DNS records you can create because it connects an easy-to-remember domain name to an Internet address.

You use an A record, often in combination with a CNAME. You will create a CNAME Record for a domain sub-domain that often (certainly not always) points to the same location as the root domain.

A subdomain is a division or alias of your domain that can organize your existing website into a separate site. Typically, subdomains are used if there is content that is distinct from the rest of the site.

With an A-record, you can only assign an IPv4 address. If you want to designate an IPv6 address, you need to create an AAAA record.

This procedure shows you the steps you need to take to create an A-record. Please note that the domain for which you are doing this is active on QuantumHost.

Create an A record

Go to Domains


Click the arrow, Manage Domain.

Manage Domain

Select Manage DNS

Manage DNS


Click the 'Add Record' button.

Add Record

Fill in the details and click Add Record.

Verify that the record is created successfully.

DNS Manager Zone Editor

Now we've got this in place when someone browses gamebrew.net via their web-browser.

(IP Address used is an example that does apply to your web hosting package)

You can easily find the IP address of your web hosting product on the product's Overview page. This IP address must be provided as the value for the A-record to point your domain to your web hosting package:

WEB Hosting IP Address

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