What does a Registrar Lock mean on my domain?

It is possible to set up a Registrar Lock for different domains. Also, for some domains, this transfer lock is required for a period of time after registration, a change of domain holder, or a transfer. Even with an EPP (transfer token), you cannot move your domain if Registrar Lock is enabled. Someone who has managed to get your transfer token will not be able to do anything with it unless they also have access to your account. It is therefore generally only an extra security measure for your domain. This lock only means that you cannot change or move a domain unless the lock has been removed.

How do I check if my Registrar Lock Status?


Select your Active Domain

Registrar Lock

Verify the status and enabled if not already enabled!

Domain Registrar lock

A mandatory Transfer Lock period

There is also a mandatory Transfer Lock. This is part of ICANN's policy and therefore only applies to domains managed by ICANN.

With these domains, it is not possible to transfer them within the first 60 days after the purchase of the domain. The same applies to the period after a transfer and even after a domain owner change.

This means that it is not possible to move/change these domains back and forth without a reason. So think carefully before you change an ICANN domain.
The Transfer Lock period is required by ICANN and we cannot change it earlier.

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