Catch All Email

Catch-All Email is a feature that allows you to forward emails that are sent to the non-existent email address of your domain name.

This email address will catch all improperly addressed messages (i.e., to a user that does not exist) to your site.

The Email address may be your, or any other email account you have created.


Fail: The Sender is notified that the address doesn't exist (recommended)

Ignore: The email is dropped and completely ignored (not recommended)

Address: The email will be forwarded to an email address of your choice (Catch-All)

Let's quickly enable the Catch All Email feature.

From the main menu, click on My Services.

Select your Active Web Hosting package

Select Catch All Email from the sidebar left or from the Email Management section on the product details page.

Click the Pencil icon to edit the settings.

To enable Catch All Email, set the Option to Address and provide an email address to forward the messages.

Click Save

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